History of Toyota (1867-1939)

New Model Introductions,
Productions, Sales and Exports
Year Business Development,
Plants and Facilities
1867 • Sakichi Toyoda is born.
'90 • Sakichi Toyoda invents the wooden Toyoda handloom.
'94 • Kiichiro Toyoda is born.
1924 •Sakichi Toyoda completes the non-stop shuttle change type Toyoda automatic loom (Type G).

Non-stop shuttle change type Toyoda automatic loom (Type G)

'29 • Kiichiro Toyoda travels to Europe and the United States to investigate automobiles.
• The British company Platt Brothers gains the automatic loom patent rights.
1930 • Kiichiro Toyoda starts research into gasoline-powered engines.
'33 • Automobile Department is established in Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.
• A1 prototype passenger car is completed.
• G1 truck is completed.

A1 prototype passenger car

G1 truck

'35 • Hinode Motors (currently Aichi Toyota) starts operations.
• Toyoda Model AA Sedan, AB phaeton and GA truck are announced.
• First export of a Toyota car (G1 truck).

Toyoda Model AA Sedan

First export of a Toyota car (G1 truck)

'36 • Toyota's logo is established.
'37 • Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. is established.
• Production of GB truck starts. '38 • Koromo Plant (currently Honsha Plant) starts operations.
• "Just-in-time" system launches on a full-scale basis.

Koromo Plant

Production line at Koromo Plant

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