History of Toyota (1940-1949)

New Model Introductions,
Productions, Sales and Exports
Year Business Development,
Plants and Facilities
1940 • Toyoda Seiko, Ltd. (currently Aichi Steel Works, Ltd.) is established.
• Toyoda Physical and Chemical Research Institute is established.
• Production of AE passenger car starts. '41 • Toyota Machine Works Co., Ltd. is established.
• Production of KB truck starts. '42
• Production of AC passenger car and KC truck starts. '43 • Tokai Hikoki Co., Ltd. (currently Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.) is established.
'45 • Toyota Shatai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.) is established.
'46 • Kanto Electric Auto Manufacturing, Ltd. (currently Kanto Auto Works, Ltd.) is established.
• Production of BM truck, SB small truck and SA compact passenger car starts.
• 100,000th Toyota vehicle is produced domestically.

SB truck

SA compact passenger car racing with express train

100,000th Toyota vehicle is produced domestically

'48 Nisshin Tsusho Co., Ltd. (currently Toyota Tsusho Corporation) is established.
• Production of SD compact passenger car starts. '49 • Nagoya Rubber Co., Ltd. (currently Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.) is established.
• Nippondenso Co., Ltd. (currently DENSO CORPORATION) is established.

ยง Entries in blue refer to Toyota overseas operations.