History of Toyota (1990-1999)

New Model Introductions,
Productions, Sales and Exports
Year Business Development,
Plants and Facilities
• Estima is announced. 1990 • Amlux opens.
• Toyota Motor Europe Marketing & Engineering S.A. (TMME) is established.
• Windom and Aristo are announced. '91 • Yamanashi Housing Works starts operations.
'92 • Guiding Principles at Toyota are announced.
• Toyota Earth Charter is established.
• Toyota Motor Manufacturing (U.K.), Ltd. (TMUK) starts production.
• DUO dealerships for Volkswagen and Audi cars open.
• Toyota Motor Hokkaido, Inc. starts operations.
• Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc. starts operations.

Aerial view of TMUK

Announcement of new plant in France

• RAV4L and RAV4J are announced.
• Annual overseas output exceeds 1 million units.
'94 • Industrial Technology Memorial Museum opens.
• Avalon and Toyota Cavalier are announced. '95
• Ipsum is announced. '96 • Genesis Research Institute, Inc. is established.
• Prius and Harrier are announced.


• Altezza is announced. '98 • "Toyota Auto" sales channel changes name to "Netz Toyota."
• Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, Inc. (TMMI) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia, Inc. (TMMWV) start operations.
• Tianjin Toyota Motor Engine Co., Ltd. (TTME) starts operations.
• Toyota Motor Tohoku, Inc. starts operations.

Tianjin Engine Plant starts operations

• Vitz, Cami, Platz, FunCargo and MR-S are announced.
• 100 millionth Toyota vehicle is produced domestically.
• Annual overseas sales exceed 3 million units.


100 millionth Toyota vehicle is produced domestically

'99 • MEGA WEB opens.
• TMC is listed on the New York and London Stock Exchanges.
• Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Ltd. starts operations.

ยง Entries in blue refer to Toyota overseas operations.