History of Toyota (2000-2009)

New Model Introductions,
Productions, Sales and Exports
Year Business Development,
Plants and Facilities
・ WiLL Vi, bB, Pronard, Opa, Sparky and Kluger V are announced. 2000 ・ Toyota Financial Services Corporation is established to oversee Toyota's finance companies worldwide.
・ Sichuan Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (SCTM) starts production in China.
・ Allex, Allion, Voxy, WiLL VS, Brevis and Verossa are announced. '01 ・ Toyota Motor Manufacturing France S.A.S. (TMMF) starts production.
・ ist, Alphard, Probox and Succeed, Voltz and WiLL CYPHA are announced.
・ Toyota FCHV is introduced on a limited sales basis.
・ North American production achieves 10 million units cumulative production.
・ Worldwide Prius sales achieve 100,000 units.
'02 ・ Toyota enters Formula One (F1) competition.
・ Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile Czech, s.r.o. is established.
・ Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland SP.z o.o. (TMMP) starts production.
・ China FAW Group Corporation (FAW) signs a cooperative agreement in China.
・ Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California S.de R.L.de C.V. is established.
・ Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Private Ltd. is established.
・ Tianjin Toyota Motor Co., Ltd (TTMC) starts production in China.
・ Toyota Motor Industries Poland Sp.z o.o. (TTIP) is established.
・ WISH, Sienta and Avensis are announced. '03 ・ Toyota Home Inc. (house retail company) is established.
・ Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, lnc. (TMMTX) is established.
・ Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, lnc. (TMMAL) is established.
・ Passo, Porte, Isis and Mark X are announced. '04 ・ Toyota FAW (Tianjin) Dies Co., Ltd. is established.
・ FAW Toyota Changchun Engine Co., Ltd. is established.
・ Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. is established.
・ Ractis and Belta are announced.
・ GS430, SC430 and IS350/250 are announced.
・ Worldwide Camry Sedan sales reach 10 million units.
'05 ・ Toyota starts production of the "Toyota Aygo" along with "Peugeot 107" and "Citroen C1" through a joint venture with PSA Peugeot Citroen in the Czech Republic.

・ The Lexus brand is launched in Japan.
・ Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries agree on Business Collaboration.
・ Rush is announced.
・ GS450 and LS460 are announced.
・ Collora Axio, Auris and Blade are announced.
・ Worldwide Prius sales achieve 500,000 units.
'06 ・ Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc. (TEMA) is established.
・ LS600h/600hL is announced.
・ Vanguard and Mark X Zio are announced.
・IS F is announced.
・ Corolla Rumion is announced.
・ Worldwide Hybrid sales top 1 million units.
'07 ・ Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TMAP-EM) is established.
・ Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA) starts production.
・ Tong Fang Global Logistics Co., Ltd (TFGL) is established.
・ Worldwide Prius sales top 1 million mark.
・ Leasing Advanced Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle begins.
・ Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech, s.r.o. (TPCA) produces 1 millionth vehicle.
'08 ・Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRI-NA) is established in United States.
・ Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Daihatsu and FHI Research & Development and product-supply ties grow deeper.
・ The 21st Century Greater Beijing
Afforestation Center in China opens.
・ Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd. (TMCA) starts Camry Hybrid vehicle production in Australia.
・ Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT) starts Camry Hybrid vehicle production in Thailand.
・ Testing Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in the United Kingdom begins.
・ Toyota Technical Center, USA, Inc.(TTC) York Township campus opens in the U.S.
・ Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC) starts RAV4 production in Canada.
・ RX450h/RX350, IS 250C, HS250h and LFA are announced.
・ SAI and Prius Plug-in Hybrid are announced.
・ Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Inc. (TMMT) production exceeds 1 million units.
・ Worldwide Hybrid sales top 2 million units.
'09 ・ Toyota Marketing Japan (TMJ) is established.
・ Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing (TMSM) is established.
・ Toyota to withdraws from F1.

§ Entries in blue and oblique refer to Toyota overseas operations.