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Corporate Value Creation

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DNT Group of the Human Resources Department established in the Technical Administration Division established; a search for core product and technology development topics to follow environment and safety launched; concept of 'Japanese originality as a global value' established based on five key concepts
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VIBRANT-CLARITY, L-finesse measures start in design fields
DNT & Engineering Publicity Group attached to the Technical Administration Division reorganized (engineering publicity functions and motor show functions added)
'Japanese Originality' issued
Toyota group exhibit plan for the Expo 2005 Aichi proposed
Motor show global strategy that incorporates core messages, concept cars, and spatial displays adopted starting with the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show; J-factor measures undertaken in design fields
DNT & Engineering Publicity Group transferred to the R&D Management Division; action principles and a vision for product and technology development in Toyota codified and distributed inside and outside the company as a measure for clarifying the spiritual foundations and guidelines for product and technology development
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DNT & Engineering Publicity Group divided into the Technical Administration Division, Brand Development Group (current organization) and the R&D Management Division, Technology Publicity Team;
Brand identity for the new era searched for and researched; the Group and Team conclude that in addition to the "quality" and "quantity" that Toyota pursued in the past, what is required of Toyota in a new era is "virtue" as a corporation
Name changed to BR70 Planning and Development Office;
Investigation of the corporate brand direction and development of concept cars that symbolize the brand commenced
BR70 Planning and Development Office renamed BR Corporate Value Development Office; five elements selected as directions-So (Adequate Existence = 1/X), Sei (Living Beautifully), Do (Human-like Encounters), Ten (Cherishing Transition), Wa (Nurturing Family Love)-positioned as core concepts for building corporate value; concrete measures to build corporate value started through monozukuri (conscientious manufacturing), concept development, human resource development and their resulting link
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The '1/X,' 'Rin,' and 'i-REAL' concept cars displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show as a part of monozukuri
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Corporate brand video entitled "Predict and Show a New Tomorrow" produced as a part of monozukuri and distributed internally and externally
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Lectures and discussions conducted at universities, art museums, and other venues around the world as a part of monozukuri
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West Ghibli opened (until August 2010) in the Technical Center based on Toyota's relationship with Studio Ghibli and as a part of monozukuri
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Global Creative Network created to intensify creativity in Japan and support product development; Creative Labs opened in Chicago, Bangkok, and Bilbao and Creative Library opened in Bucharest as bases for monozukuri, concept development, and human resource development
Further details
Name of BR Corporate Value Project Department changed to Corporate Value Creation Department and motor show functions spun off (transferred to Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing Corporation); acceptance of trainees from abroad commenced as a part of monozukuri (eight trainees as of June 2011)

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