Vehicle Lineage Chart

Vehicle Lineage Chart

Since the announcement of the Model G1 Truck in November 1935, Toyota has manufactured approximately 145 million automobiles in Japan to date (200 million if overseas production is added), at the end of June, 2012.

The Vehicle Lineage Chart visualizes the progress of Toyota vehicles over the last 75 years. The lineage trees are grouped by principal body type, with markings that indicate model changeovers. The chart covers approximately 400 passenger cars, 200 commercial-use vehicles, and 120 models for overseas markets.

Simplified chronological charts sorted by vehicle type are also provided (in PDF file format).

The charts constitute parts of the "75-year Lineage Chart" sorted by principal vehicle type.
The charts have been compiled to present relevant information on each vehicle type, such as the dates when the vehicle type originated and when remodeling occurred.

Lineage charts by vehicle type

Lineage charts by vehicle type (PDF)

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