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Promoting Motorization

By the late 1950s, social order in Japan had become stable. The emergence of the television and the spread of household appliances now made daily living enjoyable, which contrasted greatly with the poverty Japanese people faced in the first years after the war.

As the Japanese economy steadily grew, national income also rose, and the dream of owning a car became a reality.

During these times, Toyota worked hard to promote widespread use of automobiles. It did so by actively staging various promotional events, by opening a driving school and thus increasing the number of driver's license holders, and by promoting auto enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Toyota quickly got to work developing passenger cars for the general public in tune with its mission to make automobiles that are affordable to everyone. Backed by strong Crown sales, Toyota penetrated new markets with the Corona and announced its first car for the masses, the Publica.

50,000 km drive from London to Tokyo in a Toyopet Crown sponsored by Asahi Shimbun Publishing Company
Public contest to choose nickname of Toyopet Light Truck concludes with 'Toyoace'
Nippon Television Network Corporation broadcasts 'Sakurai Musical', first TV show sponsored by a company in Japan's automobile industry
Chubu Nippon Drivers' School opened in Nagoya, marking Toyota's first enterprise to increase the number of driver's license holders

A Crown that participated in the Mobilgas Rally round Australia

Toyota Crown entered in the Mobilgas Rally round Australia as first Japan-made car;
Finishes the race in third place among foreign cars
Drawing held at Nihon Gekijo in Tokyo to give away 50 Corona ST10s in celebration of 300,000 units produced
Land Cruiser donated to 30,000 km exploration in South America sponsored by the Sankei Shimbun Publishing Company.
First legitimate road race in Japan, the Yomiuri Around Japan Rally, hosted through tie-up with the Yomiuri Shimbun Publishing Company.

A Corona displayed on a neon tower in Sukiyabashi

Corona ST10 exhibited on top of the neon tower at Sukiyabashi, Tokyo to create buzz;
- Crown exhibited in its place after the launch of the Crown RS21
Revolutionary teaser ad campaign launched before release of the new Corona PT20 generates media attention
Sponsored by Chunichi Shimbun Publishing Company. the new Corona (export specifications) departs on global tour, the first of any Japan-made car; Completes all 60,000 km of courses in Europe and the U.S. in July 1961

Screening entries for the Publica nickname

Public contest announced to nickname the Publica cars for the general public before its release; Some 1.08 million entries received

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