Organizational Changes

An organizational diagram that shows major changes for Toyota.

Organizational Chart

September 1937: Immediately after the Establishment of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. September 1950: Settlement of Labor Dispute at Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. August 1960-Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Motomachi Plant Begins Operations February 1971: After the Start of Operations of the Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Tsutsumi Plant July 1950: Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Established February 1961: Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Introduces Vehicle Headquarters System February 1962: Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Establishment of an Export Headquarters July 1982: Following the Merger of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. August 1989: Organizational Flattening September 1992: Technical Division Center System Introduced January 1997: Sales Operations Center System Introduced January 2000: Environmental and IT Responses July 2003: Changes on the Group Level January 2007: Post-Flattening Personnel Organization Reforms June 2012: Last Organizational for the 75th Anniversary year