Skills Competition

The Skills Competition were first held in 1950 as a competition where young technicians compete on the basis of their technical skills. The aims are to encourage skills training and international exchange among technicians, and to enhance respect for technical skills.

The Skills Competition consists of the National Skills Competition held in Japan each year and the WorldSkills Competition held every second year. Technicians up to the age of 22 may compete in the WorldSkills Competition (with the exception of certain job types). The winners of the National Skills Competition (gold medalists) from the previous year can also compete in the WorldSkills Competition.

Recent Competitions

No. of Competitors
Competition skills
49th National Skills Competition 2011
October 16-19
Shizuoka Prefecture, etc.
1,066 persons
40 skills
41st World Skills Competition 2011
October 4-9
London, U.K.
944 persons from 46 countries and regions
46 skills

Since 1966, Toyota has been participating in nine job skills relating to automobile manufacturing: autobody repair, body painting, lathe operation, milling machine operation, creative modeling, die processing, electronic device assembly, mechatronics, and IT network systems administration. Through this participation it aims to promote the development of human resources among its technical personnel who form the core of the worksite and the acquiring of advanced skills. At the 2011 WorldSkills Competition in London, Toyota triumphantly won gold medals in four job skills: 'Autobody Repair', 'CNC Milling', 'Creative Modeling', and 'IT Network Systems Administration'. Employees from overseas affiliates Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT) and PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) also participated and an employee from TMT won a gold medal in creative modeling.

Table. TMC's Achievements (Number of Medals)

Unit: Medals

Gold medal
Silver medal
Bronze medal
National Skills
World Skills

Note: As of the end of the 2011 National Skills Competition


Toyota's competitor of autobody repair category (at the 41st World Skill Competition)


Toyota's competitor winner of the award ceremony (at the 41st World Skill Competition)