Corporate Philosophy


Seeking Harmony between People, Society and the Global Environment, and Sustainable Development of Society through Manufacturing

Since its foundation, Toyota has continuously strived to contribute to sustainable development of society through the manufacturing and provision of innovative and quality products and services that lead the times. The foundations of these endeavors are the Guiding Principles at Toyota and an explanation paper entitled 'CSR POLICY: Contribution towards Sustainable Development' that interprets the Guiding Principles at Toyota.

The principles and messages indicated below are explained here.

  • Guiding Principles at Toyota
  • Toyota Way 2001
  • The Toyota Code of Conduct
  • Toyota Global Vision

CSR POLICY: Contribution Towards Sustainable Development

In January 2005, Toyota announced the 'Contribution Towards Sustainable Development', an interpretation of the Guiding Principles at Toyota that takes into consideration Toyota's relations with stakeholders. This was revised in August 2008 to become the 'CSR POLICY: Contribution Toward Sustainable Development' to take into account subsequent environmental changes and heightened societal interest in CSR.

TMC has shared the statement with its consolidated subsidiaries and is taking other relevant action.

Relationship between CSR Policy and the Guiding Principles at Toyota, and Various Regulations

In 2007, Toyota adopted the Global Vision 2020, which is based on the Guiding Principles at Toyota. In order to achieve this vision, a medium- to long-term management plan was drafted and Toyota is working toward achieving the goals specified in the plan.

In addition, the Toyota Way 2001 and Toyota Code of Conduct contain the values and methods that employees should adopt in putting the Guiding Principles at Toyota into practice and serve as guides for day-to-day activities.

Positioning of CSR Policy

Guiding Principles at Toyota