Product Lineup

Spare Parts, Accessories, and Marine Products

Spare Parts and Accessories

Spare parts

Maintenance Parts
Spark plugs, oil filters, wiper blades, disc pads, V belts, etc.
Oils & fluids
Engine oil, brake fluid, LLC, etc.
Exterior & functional parts
Bumpers, fender panels, headlights, etc.


Navigation systems, rearview monitors, rear-seat displays, etc.
Other accessories
Floor mats, side visors, aerodynamic parts, security products, air purifiers, aluminum wheels, etc.
Audio/visual and navigation
  • Toyota's navigation system 'NHZA-W61G'

  • Ractis fitted with aero parts

  • LED interior lighting

  • Aluminum wheels

Marine products

  • Ponam-45

  • Ponam-35

  • Ponam-28 III

  • Ponam-28 L

As of June 2012

Rental and leasing

Toyota vehicle rental and leasing