Toyota events
General events
January 16
Toyota Technological Institute established
February 27
Soarer (MZ10) launched
Ad Hoc Commission on Administrative Reform holds its first meeting
Voluntary restraints put into place limiting the number of passenger cars exported to the U.S.A. to 1.68 million vehicles a year (kept in place until March 1984)
GM launches the J-Car
June 29
Executive Vice President Shoichiro Toyoda appointed President of Toyota Motor Sales
June 10
Advanced Total Overseas Order & Vehicle Management System (ATOMS) implemented
Voluntary restriction put into place limiting the number of passenger cars exported to Canada
Isuzu launches the Piazza
July 7
1S-type engine completed and the LASRE Campaign commenced
Daihatsu Automotive Sales merged into Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Suzuki, Isuzu, and GM enter a capital alliance agreement
September 9
Friendmatic Corolla and Sprinter models added for people with disabilities in both lower limbs
November 19
TOCARS of Venezuela starts production at its assembly plant
Honda launches the City
January 8
Soarer receives the 1981-1982 Car of the Year Japan Award
Toyo Kogyo establishes Autorama for selling Ford brand cars (sales starts in October 1982)
February 4
Toyota Home launches the Oak home
February 24
Tokyo Building (now Toyota Head Office Building) completed in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
March 4
First Dealer Executive QC Seminar held
March 24
Front-wheel drive vehicles, Camry and Vista (SV10) launched
May 17-18
First Toyota Industrial Vehicle Distributor World Conference held
Daihatsu launches the Mira commercial minivehicle
May 19
Corolla II (AL20) launched
Mitsubishi launches the Pajero
141 major lift truck models significantly improved and orange established as the standard color
June 18
Toyota Finance Australia Ltd. Established
July 1
Toyota Motor and Toyota Motor Sales merged to form Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC);
- President Eiji Toyoda appointed Chairman, Executive Vice President Shigenobu Yamamoto appointed Vice Chairman, and Toyota Motor Sales President Shoichiro Toyoda appointed TMC President
Isuzu Motor Overseas Sales Co., Ltd. established
July 1
Logistics Control Division and Customer Relations Division established
August 30
Sprinter Carib (AL25G) launched
Nissan launches the Prairie
September 1
Labor unions of Toyota Motor and Toyota Motor Sales merge together
October 13
First Informal Dealer Representative Gathering held
October 1
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. establishes Toyota Motor Credit Corporation in Torrance, California
Nissan launches the March
Audi NUS launches the 100
November 8
Masterace Surf (YR20G) launched
November 19-22
First Pan-European Dealership Conference held in Monaco
Honda starts operation of its Ohio Plant in the U.S.A.
November 23
New building of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. completed
February 1
C80 system introduced into dealers
February 17
Memorandum signed with GM on joint production
Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc. (CAPTIN) established in Canada (production commenced in February 1985)
April 15
Seihokai and Eihokai merged to establish New Eihokai
May 7
Taipei Office established
June 3-5
QC seminars held targeting all directors
Nissan starts operation of its Tennessee Plant in the U.S.A.
Road Transport Vehicle Act, including a 3-year vehicle inspection cycle, goes into effect
August 27
DCM Toyota Ltd. (DLT) established in India jointly with Delhi Cloth & General Mills Co. Ltd. (production commenced in May 1985)
September 6
Toyota Home Aspen launched
October 20
Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES) established
Suzuki launches the Cultus
Dodge Caravan launched
Hyundai begins exporting the Pony to Canada
February 21
New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), a joint venture with GM, established
Nissan launches the Santana produced under a license from Volkswagen
Mitsubishi concludes a technical assistance agreement with Hyundai
March 19
Graduate School (Master's program) established at Toyota Technological Institute
April 3
Telecommunication Network Committee established
April 1
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. merges with Toyota Industrial Truck, U.S.A.
Voluntary export restraints on passenger cars to the U.S.A. continues (1.85 million vehicles a year)
April 7
The Century Leader 1 and Century Highway 1, ships dedicated to transporting large vehicles, enter service
April 1
San Francisco Office established
April 23
Celica wins the overall title at the Safari Rally (also wins the overall title in 1985 and 1986)
Toyo Kogyo renamed Mazda Motor Corporation
Renault launches the Espace
June 8
MR2 (AW11) launched
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. starts production of commercial vehicles in China
October 3
Corolla FX (AE81) launched
Mitsubishi Motor Sales merged into Mitsubishi Motors
October 25
Shibetsu Proving Ground (in Hokkaido) completed
November 16
Participates in the establishment of Teleway Japan Corporation (TWJ); Toyota Senior Advisor Shohachi Hanai appointed Chairman
November 12-19
First Distributor World Convention held
December 10
NUMMI starts producing GM's Chevrolet Nova (launched in June 1985)
January 11
MR2 receives the 1984-1985 Car of the Year Japan Award
GM announces the establishment of a new company for the GM Saturn Project
Chevrolet launches the Chevrolet Astro minivan
February 1
Electronics Engineering Division established
International Exposition, Tsukuba, Japan, 1985 (Tsukuba Expo '85) held
April 30
Cumulative export volume reaches 20 million vehicles
Voluntary restriction on passenger car export to the U.S.A. continues (at 2.30 million vehicles a year) (kept through March 1991)
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation privatized
Mitsubishi and Chrysler sign an agreement to jointly produce passenger cars in the U.S.A.
Japan's MITI asks 60 major companies to expand imports
May 27
Import Expansion Committee established
June 11
Tobishima Center completed as a new export base
August 3
Full-scale operation of Flexible Body Line (FBL) commenced
August 20
Carina ED (ST160) launched
August 20
Corona Coupe (ST160) launched
September 9
Twin-cam engine with supercharger installed in the Crown
September 1
London Office established
Honda launches the Today commercial minivehicle
September 13
Toyota Home Kodachi launched
Conference of Ministers and Governors of the Group of Five Countries (G5) agrees on coordinated foreign exchange intervention to correct the appreciated dollar
October 24
Production at Ayax in Uruguay commenced
Ford launches the Ford Taurus and the Mercury Sabre
Hyundai launches the Pony Excel
November 22
Training centers opened in Guangzhou and Beijing China to train service personnel
Honda launches the Legend
Yen continues to appreciate against the dollar, exceeding $1 = 200 yen
January 17
Cumulative production volume in Japan reaches 50 million vehicles
January 23
Toyota Motor Manufacturing U.S.A (TMM) (now Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. [TMMK]) established
January 22
New Business Project Committee established
January 24
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC) established
January 27
Production of the Dyna commenced at Kuozui Motors Ltd. (Taiwan)
February 6
Supra (MA70) launched
February 25
Teiho Plant completion ceremony held
March 19
Toyota Home Serrata launched; concurrently Toyota Office and Shop remodeled
March 1
Canada Office established
Honda opens 'Acura dealers', its second sales channel in the U.S.A.
April 1
Challenge 50 Initiative commenced to improve office work efficiency
Japan's Equal Employment Opportunity Law goes into effect
U.S. government proposes automotive parts as an area for Market Oriented Sector Selective (MOSS) talks with Japan
Tokyo Summit held
Fuji Heavy Industries and Isuzu sign an agreement for joint production in the U.S.A.
June 30
Fengyung Co. Ltd (Taiwan) established
July 10
Toyota Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) launched
Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. plant starts operation
July 15
Toyota Home Elm and Cedar launched
Austin Rover Group launches the Rover 800, jointly developed with Honda
Suzuki and GM agree on establishing a plant in the U.S.A.
September 25
Product Planning Group established
September 2
NUMMI (U.S.A.) starts production of the Corolla FX
Peugeot Citroen launches the AX hatchback for the general populace
October 13
Committee for urgent measures to yen appreciation established
Nissan launches the Exa
Participates in the establishment of International Digital Communications Planning Inc. (IDC)
Fiat announces its acquisition of Alfa Romeo
December 9
200 billion yen convertible debenture issued
Daihatsu launches the Leeza commercial minivehicle
January 30
International Training Building (for training and housing trainees from overseas) completed inside Nisshin Training Center
Yen continues to appreciate against the U.S. dollar, exceeding 150 yen to the dollar

Nissan launches the Be-1
Fuji Heavy Industries launches the world's first vehicle equipped with Electro Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT)
February 1
AP Creation Division established to develop and ensure quality of accessories and spare parts
February 3
Video conferencing system introduced between Honsha and Tokyo Branch Office
March 9
Participates in the establishment of IDO Corporation
Honda establishes Honda North America Inc. as its North American headquarters
April 8
Toyota Nursing College opened
Japan National Railways privatized
April 16
Investment made in Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., a company specializing in photoelectronics
Honda launches the Prelude 4WS
April 21
Kasugai Housing Works starts operation
Voluntary restriction on passenger car export to the U.S.A. continues (at 2.30 million vehicles a year)
May 11
Toyota Home Apartment, a housing complex, launched
May 22
Results of joint Japan-China research on the promotion of the automotive industry submitted to the State Council of the People's Republic of China
Foreign exchange law violation occurs in the U.S.A. involving Japanese-made machine tools
May 31
Cumulative number of Toyota Homes sold reaches 10,000
June 12
Joint venture agreement for establishment of Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (STM), an engine production company, signed
June 23
Memorandum signed with Volkswagen on joint production of the Hilux in West Germany
July 29
U.S. currency-denominated bonds issued with warrants, totaling 800 million U.S. dollars
Nissan announces establishment of 'Infiniti', its second U.S.A. sales network
July 30
AMI-Toyota of Australia announces takeover bid of York Motors stock
August 3
Toyota Motor Finance (Netherlands) B.V. established in the Netherlands
Japan and the U.S.A. settle the MOSS talks on automotive parts
August 24
Establishment of 'Lexus' announced as second sales channel in the U.S.A.
September 3
Toyota Memorial Hospital completed
September 9
Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA Technical Center completed
September 18
Supra wins the championship at the Third Hong Kong-Beijing Rally
October 5
Customization subcontracted to ASC of the U.S.A., and Celica Convertible (ST162C) launched
New York stock market in the U.S.A. plummets (Black Monday)
Basic memorandum signed with GM on establishing a joint venture in Australia
Nissan launches Cima, a full-sized luxury car
Seikan Tunnel opened in Japan
Seto Long Bridge opened in Japan
May 22
Oak FORET line of high-end Western homes launched
May 9
UAAI (Australia) established as a joint venture with GM (joint venture dissolved in 1996)
Japan's first methanol-powered vehicle developed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government put into service for garbage collection
May 26
Completion of Shibetsu Proving Ground First Testing Circuit announced
May 26
Line-off ceremony conducted for quality-confirmed vehicle at TMM (now TMMK)
Collaboration with Motorola Mobility in developing Automotive ICs announced
August 4
Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP), a joint venture company, established
August 8
Japan Digital Road Map Association established
August 23
Corolla FX units produced by NUMMI exported to Taiwan by TMS (U.S.);
- Camry units produced by TMM (U.S.) and Corolla units produced by NUMMI exported to Taiwan on December 21
Ceasefire in Iran-Iraq War
September 14
Domestic vehicle production tops 60 million units
September 17
Unveiling ceremony conducted by Kuozui Motors Ltd. (Taiwan) and Fengyung Corporation for start of Toyota business
Decision made to list Ford shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
October 30
Sakichi Toyoda Memorial House opened
October 3
Ceremony held for establishment of Toyota Visiting Professorship fund at the University of Michigan in the U.S.
Memorandum of Understanding Brand-to-Brand Complementation (BBC) signed at ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting
October 6
Opening ceremony held at TMM
October 27
Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg., Inc. (TIEM), an industrial vehicle production joint venture established in the U.S.
November 30
Toyota Finance Corporation established
November 30
Line-off ceremony for first vehicle held at TMMC (Canada)
December 6
TMF (UK) PLC, a financing company in the U.K., established
Traffic accident fatalities in Japan increase by 1,000 to surpass 10,000
CS Improvement Committee established
January 10
Line-off ceremony held for first jointly-produced small truck at Volkswagen Hannover plant
Showa Emperor dies; Heisei era begins
P.T. Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) established in Indonesia as a joint venture of four TMC-affiliates
Announcement made by Japan's MITI that voluntary export restraints on passenger cars exported to the U.S. will remain at 2.3 million vehicles in 1989
Fuji Heavy Industries launches Legacy Touring Wagon
February 1
Car facsimile launched
February 9
1 million dollars donated to University of Kentucky in the U.S.
Subsidies for purchase of low-emission trucks introduced by Yokohama City (decision by Osaka City to introduce subsidies made on 22nd)
March 29
Completion ceremony held at Hirose Plant (electronic components plant)
March 3
Opening ceremony held at TMP (Philippines)
April 11
Internally-developed CAD/CAM system sold on market
April 26
Decision made to produce trucks at NUMMI (U.S.)
Consumption tax (3%) introduced in Japan
April 16
Toyota Automobile Museum opened
Technical support agreement and die and equipment sale agreement with Shenyang Jin Bei Automotive Co. for Hiace body production announced
May 22
Ceremony marking export of engines from TAM (Indonesia) to Malaysia conducted
May 29
Hotai Motor Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) launches Corona
June 1
Toyota Motor Marketing Europe S.A/N.V. established in Belgium
Tiananmen Square incident in China
Toyota Group Pavilion exhibited at World Design Exposition (July 15 -November 26)
August 30
Operations of Tochigi Housing Works commenced
September 27
Vehicle warrantee system revised
Sales of LS 400 and ES 250 started by Lexus dealers in the U.S.
Mazda launches Eunos Roadster
Toyota Europe Office of Creation (EPOC) opened in Belgium
October 2
New logo for Toyota vehicles announced
October 10
Full-scale production of catalytic converters started by TABC (U.S.)
October 9
Celsior (model UCF11) launched
October 30
International Cooperation Program announced;
Global imports in 1992 to be increased to 2.5 times the 1988 level
November 21
Ground-breaking ceremony held for new test building and administrative building at Toyota Technical Center U.S.A.
Berlin Wall comes down
November 29
Line-off ceremony for engines conducted at TMM powertrain plant
Traffic accident emergency announced by government Traffic Countermeasures Bureau in Japan
December 13
Increased use of American semiconductors announced as a part of the International Cooperation Program
December 4
Expansion of Calty Design Research, Inc. announced
Corporate Citizenship Activity Committee established
TMUK established in the U.K.; Operations commenced in December 1992
January 11
Basic memorandum concerning investment in Toyota GB signed to reinforce sales structures in the U.K.
Decision made by Japan's MITI to maintain voluntary export restraints on passenger cars to the U.S. at 2.3 million vehicles in 1990
February 15
Completion of world's first DSP sound field creating car audio system announced
February 19
Toyota Credit Canada Inc., a financing company, established in Canada
Full-scale alliance established by Renault and Volvo
March 8
Sera (model EXY10) launched
March 27
Submission of application for establishment of automobile manufacturing business to Turkish government announced (joint venture by TMC, Sabanci Holding, and Mitsui & Co., Ltd.)
Request made from Japan's MITI to domestic automakers that are expanding to the U.S. to increase local parts procurement rates to about 75% by 1992.
March 26
Development of Toyota Flexible System, a press production system optimized for small lot production of a wide range of parts announced
April 1
Educational Foundation Toyota Nagoya Institute established
Operations commenced at TIEM (U.S.), a lift truck production company
The International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan, 1990 opened
May 17
Tokyo Design Center opened
May 29
Companies established in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore to reinforce mutual parts supply structures in ASEAN
Clean Air Act with a framework for tighter emissions standards passed by U.S. House of Representatives
May 30
Estima (models TCR11W and 21W) launched
May 31
Van-type electric vehicle production agreement with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. announced (finished vehicle delivered at the end of January 1991)
Investment made in Indus Motor Company Limited (IMC), Pakistan
Agreement reached at MOSS Conference on automotive parts concerning periodic verification of U.S. product purchasing performance by Japanese manufacturers
July 24
Former Vice Chairman Tsutomu Oshima passes away
Technical support to overseas technical school started
GM launches Saturn strategic small cars
Military control of Kuwait achieved by Iraqi army
September 13
Internal email system introduced
September 5
Cooperation provided on establishment of Technical Training Center of Toyota Jin Bei of China Automotive Industry
Daimler-Benz shares listed on Foreign Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
September 25
Toyota Auto Salon AMLUX TOKYO opened
Articles of Incorporation amended to include ship and aircraft manufacture and sales in business purposes
October 27
Ceremony held to mark completion of the reconstruction of Sakichi Toyoda's birth home
October 1
N.V. Toyota Motor Marketing Services Europe S.A. (TMSE) (now N.V. Toyota Motor Europe Marketing & Engineering S.A. [TMME]) established in Belgium (integration of local affiliate and European Representative Office)
East and West Germany unified
October 29-31
First North American Import Suppliers' Meeting held (Approx. 200 representatives from 53 parts manufacturers in North America participate)
October 29
Toyota donates 2 million dollars to Harvard University (Aid in establishing Reischauer professorship)
Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. renamed Suzuki Motor Corporation
November 14
Number certification acquired by Toyota for RaRa II solar car
Coronation of Emperor in Japan
November 20
G-MAP, a position information system that uses GPS, launched