Reference guide

  1. 1. The Toyota’s 75-Year History in Find out(Data) is presented in five parts as follows:
    1. I. Current Conditions
    2. II. Management and Company Information
    3. III. Automotive Business
    4. IV. Non-Automotive Business
    5. V. Overall Chronological Table

    The presentation is structured so as to give an overview of the 75-year history of Toyota. The content is based on the book Toyota: A History of the First 50 Years (published November 3, 1987 ) and Corporate Organization , with additions and alterations to reflect global development, the comments of relevant divisions , and non-consolidated and consolidated data.


  2. 2. The data included begin from the inception of the relevant group, division, or other organizational unit and are designed in principle to cover the period up to December 31, 2011. Where appropriate, however, information from later dates is also featured.


  3. 3. The written forms and terminology used conform in principle to standard contemporary usage. There may however be exceptions, for instance where original texts are cited or with proper names or specialist terms.


  4. 4. Weights and measures are in principle presented using the metric system.


  5. 5. For names of companies and nations, use is made of both the full official form and the abbreviated form. Where there has been a change of name, the name as of December 31, 2011, is also indicated simultaneously.


  6. 6. The company name for the period from July 1982 to the present is given as Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota or TMC), but a distinction is made between Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., and Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. when necessary for the period from August 1937 to June 1982.


  7. 7. Names of government offices and agencies are given in the historic form. Reference guide are added where necessary.


  8. 8. In the English version of 75 Years of Toyota, corporate and other organizations with no known English names are referred to by names translated by the editors. Past organizations with no known English names are referred to either by their successors' current English names or by editors' translations. Editorial discretion has been used in spelling out some of the personal names.


Please refer to the ‘Notes” for explanations of style rules and exceptions appearing in the main text.