Kuozui Motors expands in Taiwan

Outside of ASEAN, Taiwan-based Kuozui Motors, Ltd. began operations at its Kuan Yin Plant, a commercial vehicle-only assembly plant with an annual production capacity of 30,000 vehicles, in 1995. Kuozui simultaneously increased the production capacity of its Zhongli Plant, a passenger car-only plant, and the combined production capacity of the two plants was 110,000 units annually. The following year, Kuozui merged with Fengyung Corporation, a parts manufacturer, and reinforced management systems and raised efficiency in manufacturing.

Kuozui expanded both plants in 2005 and 2006, increasing the capacity of the Kuan Yin Plant to 60,000 units annually and the Zhongli Plant to 100,000 units annually. Kuozui began exporting the Corolla to the Middle East in 2009, but prior to this, TMC increased its controlling ratio in the company in 2008 and positioned it as a global supply base.

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