Production base for NAFTA - Mexico

Toyota has positioned Mexico as both a North American market with great growth potential and an important production base for supplementing production in the United States in TMC's production enterprises within the NAFTA zone. In 2002, with the approval of the Mexican government, TMC established Toyota Motor Manufacturing Baja California C.V. (TMMBC), a company for manufacturing decks for the Tacoma, in the suburb of Tijuana, Baja California. TMMBC began producing decks in September 2004 and supplying them to New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) in the United States, and also began producing complete Tacoma vehicles in December of the same year. Because Tacoma sales were robust in the U.S. market, all TMMBC-made Tacomas were exported to the United States to make up for the supply shortfall at NUMMI.

Subsequently, after the joint venture at NUMMI was dissolved in 2010, the Tacoma was produced at two plants: TMMBC and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, Inc. In that year, production of the Tacoma at TMMBC came to 54,000 units.

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