Developing TSAM into a global export base - South Africa

In South Africa, TMC enhanced the production, sales, and export functions of Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd. (TSAM) in order to develop it into a global export base. Toward this goal, TMC in 2002 agreed to increase its stake in Toyota South Africa (Pty) Ltd. (TSA), which was a holding company of TSAM, by acquiring TSA shares from its local joint venture partner Wesco Investments Ltd. Furthermore, in August 2008, TMC agreed to make TSA a wholly owned subsidiary. In 2001, TMC established Cataler South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. (CSA), a company for producing catalytic converters for cars, jointly with Cataler Corporation, positioning CSA as a catalytic converter supply base for the Toyota Group.

TSAM began producing the Corolla Hatchback for Australia in 2003, the IMV for Africa and Europe in 2005, and the Corolla for Africa and Europe in 2007-2008, steadily expanding its export business. Along the way, TSAM, with the goal of ensuring global quality, proceeded with facility enhancement and modernization, such as by building a new painting plant and introducing the Global Body Line into its vehicle body process. As a result, by 2008 TSAM had established a production structure capable of producing 100,000 Corollas and 120,000 IMVs, for a total of 220,000 vehicles a year.

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