Responses to All-Toyota Meeting Issues: "Our Attitudes" Issued

On April 1, immediately after the Special Committee for Global Quality announced its plan for restoring confidence in Toyota, TMC announced its global corporate plan for the fiscal year ending in March 2011. Within this plan, President Toyoda raised the theme of “all personnel adopting a shared commitment to restoring customer confidence” as an issue that must be addressed before putting the corporate plan into practice. He explained the importance of returning to Toyota’s origins and called on employees to “adopt a shared commitment to creating a Toyota that is esteemed by customers, refined, and can grow into being ‘the most admired company in town.’”

On the occasion, President Toyoda announced “Our Attitudes,” a statement that clarifies and brings together the virtues and conduct-standards shared by all within Toyota. Our Attitudes consists of 10 items based on the Guiding Principles at Toyota and the Toyota Way: customer first, challenge, kaizen (continual improvement), genchi genbutsu, simplicity and fortitude, teamwork, sense of responsibility, modesty and appreciation, honesty, and loyalty to the company. The statement was distributed to all employees at the end of April.

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