Section 3. Recommitment to Quality

Item 3. Creation of New Quality Assurance Systems

Expansion of Organization and Human Resource Development

The Design Quality Innovation Division was established in the Technical Administration Group in May 2010 as a measure for reinforcing product safety and customer peace of mind. The division specializes in promptly and accurately reflecting customer opinions in design and raising the quality of design drawings. In addition, four weeks of processes were added to the existing vehicle development period in order to conduct further vehicle testing in an attempt to insure customer peace of mind.

With respect to advancing human resources development, which represents another pillar of the plans of the Special Committee for Global Quality, Customer First Training Centers were established in TMC’s Japan, North America, Europe, Asia-Oceania, and China regions in July 2010. The centers educate trainers for individual educational programs in each region. They provide instruction in the fundamentals of quality, as well as advanced training, and create region-specific programs tailored to unique local needs. Basic training focuses on quality and the Toyota Way, with a focus on Toyota’s customer-first philosophy, while advanced training consists of practical curricula based on quality case studies.

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