Development of the Toyota Smart Center

While strengthening the development and market introduction of next-generation environment-friendly vehicles, TMC, to help achieve a low-carbon society, began taking steps toward the realization of smart grids, which actively promote the use of renewable energy and efficient use of energy in regions and homes. As part of this initiative, TMC developed the Toyota Smart Center (TSC), Toyota's unique energy management system for centrally controlling energy consumption by connecting homes, cars, electric utility companies, and users, announcing it in October 2010.

The TSC utilizes plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and advanced smart houses equipped with the Home Energy Management System, which manages energy use inside homes. By combining the energy used by these elements with the power supplied from electric utility companies and the energy generated by private power generation facilities such as photovoltaic power generation systems, TSC serves to manage and adjust the overall demand and supply of energy. At the same time, TSC provides information to residents and vehicle users, while also controlling energy use from outside.

To coincide with the launch of the Prius PHV in January 2012, TMC and Toyota Media Service developed the H2V Manage to support at-home charging, and began selling it through Toyota Housing Corporation. The H2V Manager allows users to connect to the Toyota Smart Center through a home personal computer or smartphone to set or change the charging start time for a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle as well as to check the total power usage inside their homes, thereby supporting efficient charging of vehicles and power consumption.

In September 2010, TMC started a 2-year smart grid trial in Rokkasho Village, Aomori Prefecture, jointly with Japan Wind Development Co., Ltd. and others. Following the start of this project, TMC began other demonstration projects in Toyota City and Kitakyushu City, and also actively participated in projects in various other countries such as the United States and France.

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