Section 6. New Growth Goal

Item 3. Product Appeal Enhancement

Marketing of Minivehicles

Minivehicles now account for more than one third of all new cars sold in the Japanese market, and customers are increasingly asking Toyota dealers to offer minivehicles. In response to these requests, TMC signed an OEM agreement with Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) in September 2010, launching the Pixis Space in September 2011 as the first round and the Pixis Van and Pixis Truck in December of the same year as the second round of offering such vehicles. TMC plans to sell around 60,000 of these minivehicles annually beginning in 2012.

Toyota minivehicles are sold by Corolla and Netz dealers nationwide, as well as all Toyota dealers in some areas where minivehicles account for a high percentage of car sales. TMC announced that it is also planning to cooperate with Daihatsu in the area of environment-friendly technologies such as hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, strengthening the complementing of management resources within the group.

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