Section 1. The Inventions and Ideas of Sakichi Toyoda

Item 2. Overview of Sakichi Toyoda's Inventions

Characteristics of Sakichi's inventions

Excluding his first wooden hand loom, all of Sakichi Toyoda's inventions and ideas were related to power looms.

Power looms are weaving machines operated by a driver such as a water wheel, steam engine, gas engine or electric motor. Of the types of power looms, those that automatically replace the weft thread in the shuttle when thread runs out are known as automatic looms, and those without this function are known as regular looms.

Types of automatic loom include the shuttle-changing type, which replaces the shuttle containing the bobbin as the weft thread is about to run out, and the cop-changing type, which restocks the bobbin only. Although Sakichi invented automatic looms of both types, he placed greater focus on the shuttle-changing type. This shuttle-change automatic loom would require further inventions by Kiichi and others before it could be fully appreciated and ready for widespread use. Sakichi’s inventions were primarily related to ordinary weaving mechanisms, but these were an essential technology for automatic looms.

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