Establishing of sales system

In November 1945, the Automobile Association was founded and the Japan Automobile Distribution (Nihai) was effectively dissolved. Regional distribution under Nihai was continued until about July 1946 to provide for the sale of products that had been sent by the various manufacturers.

Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. endeavored to rebuild its sales organization in 1946. As the pre-war Toyota affiliated dealers had been broken up due to the establishment of the Regional Automobile Distribution (Chihai), it was essential to rebuild a dealer network. The first step in that regard took place on May 18, 1946, when national regional distribution representatives were invited for a tour during the reconstruction of the Koromo Plant, and President Kiichiro Toyoda gave his speech entitled, 'The Current State of the Automobile Business and the Road Ahead for Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.'1

Various processes were followed, including the continuation of existing regional distribution companies and the establishment of new sales companies, and Toyota-affiliated sales companies were established in each of Japan's prefectures. On November 16, 1946, the Toyota Motor Sales Association (predecessor of the Toyota National Dealers' Advisory Council) was established with 46 member companies.

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