Body mounting for compact passenger cars by body manufacturers

Following the completion of the first prototype of the S engine using side valves (SV) in November 1946, the first prototype of the Model SA passenger car equipped with the S engine was finished in January 1947. Designing of a small truck equipped with the S engine commenced in December 1945, and the SB truck was launched in April 1947.

In light of these advances in passenger car development, General Headquarters (GHQ), which had banned the production of passenger cars following World War II, in June 1947 approved production of passenger cars of 1,500 cc or smaller, limited to an annual production volume of 300 vehicles.

Note that GHQ control of the automobile industry lasted until October 1949 and the official pricing system for cars was kept in place until April 1950.

From October 1947 through 1952, 215 units of the Model SA passenger car were manufactured. Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. made the chassis for this passenger car and various car body manufacturers made and mounted the bodies to complete the car. The bodies of compact passenger cars equipped with the S engine were manufactured and mounted by the companies described below. (The vehicle models indicated inside parentheses are the model names set up by the mounting companies.)

Beginning in May 1947, Arakawa Sheet Metal Works1 produced three prototypes of the Model SA passenger car, and then later mounted the bodies of Model SB revamped passenger cars (Model SB-A2), as well as Model SD and Model SF passenger cars.

Kanto Electric Motor Works, Ltd.3 began manufacturing the Model SB revamped passenger car (SBP sedan4) in December 1948. Later, the company produced the bodies for the Models SD, SFK, and SHK (RHK), the Model ST10 first-generation Toyopet Corona, and also mounted bodies for the ST16V Toyopet Corona Line Light Van.

Central Japan Heavy-Industries, Ltd.5 began manufacturing and mounting bodies for the Model SFN passenger car in February 1952. Subsequently, the company also manufactured and mounted the bodies for the Model SHN (RHN), but stopped manufacturing bodies for Toyota vehicles in July 1954.

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