Section 9. Preparations for Mass Production and Mass Sales

Item 6. Production Capacity Increase with the Goal of Reaching 10,000 Vehicles/Month

Machining and assembly process

Regarding its machining plants, Toyota installed a transfer machine for processing the F engine cylinder block in Machining Plant No. 1 in June 1956. Subsequently, the engine assembly plant of Machining Plant No. 1 was modified in April 1958 to handle assembly and testing of the R and F gasoline engines and the D diesel engine. As a result, the entire process from engine assembly to testing was automated using a conveyor.

After Machining Plant No. 4 (1,900 square meters) was completed in September 1956, the machining of gears from Machining Plant No. 2 and the suspension-related assembly from Machining Plant No. 3 were transferred there. Then in February 1958, a heat treatment plant was added to the north side of Machining Plant No. 4 and a continuous gas carburizing furnace for carburizing and quenching gears was installed. The adoption of this furnace led to automation of all processes, thereby improving productivity, stabilizing quality, and reducing costs.

Meanwhile, at Machining Plant No. 3, a transfer machine for processing steering gear boxes was installed in May 1958. The transfer machine performed seven process steps completely automatically, except for the loading and unloading of workpieces.

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