Corsa Hatchback

Released date : 1990/ 9/19

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Grade 3door_1500EFI-S_SZ 3door_1500EFI_SX 3door_1300EFI_MORE
Model type
Curb mass(kg) 880 850 820
Dimensions Length(mm) 3930 3930 3930
Width(mm) 1645 1645 1645
Height(mm) 1365 1365 1365
Wheelbase(mm) 2380 2380 2380
Engine Engine code 5E-FHE 5E-FE 4E-FE
Engine type In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC
Displacement(cm3) 1496 1496 1331
Max. output kW/(PS)/r.pm -/115/6600 -/105/6400 -/100/6600
* The specifications are those of representative model grades.
* Max. output represents a net rating.
* The model numbers of these vehicles are EL43(1500), EL41(1300), NL40(1500Diesel/Turbo).
In September 1990, the fourth-generation Tercel/Corsa were released (together with the third-generation models of the Corolla II and the Tercel/Corsa sedans).

With this model change, the body variations of the Tercel/Corsa were reduced to two: a 4-door sedan, and a 3-door hatchback (the Corolla II did not have a sedan version). Since the 4-door sedan skipped a full model change in 1986, its makeover in 1990 was the first in eight years. The 3-door models featured predominantly round, cute styling, while the 4-door sedan had a high-deck appearance, with the top of the rear trunk rising higher than the beltline.

All gasoline engines were upgraded to DOHC 16-valve EFI units. The full-time 4-wheel-drive (4WD) system superseded the part-time 4WD system, and was made available to 3-door models, too. The engine lineup included an inline 4-cylinder 1,496 cc unit (5E-FE) producing 105 PS (100 PS with 4WD), a 1,496 cc 115 PS unit (5E-FHE), a 1,331 cc 100 PS unit (4E-FE), and a 1,453 cc turbo diesel unit (1N-T) developing 67 PS. In addition to the conventional revolution-sensitive power steering, vehicle-speed-sensitive power steering also became available.

Safety devices were also upgraded in August 1992, to include high-mount stop lamps, SRS airbags, side door beams, and 3-point seatbelts with the emergency locking retractor (ELR) for the rear seats.
Plant Takaoka plant
"Corsa" is the Italian word for "race" or "run."

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