Corona Mark II

Released date : 1980/10/ 1

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Grade 2800EFI_Grande 2000EFI_Grande 2000_GT
Model type
Model type E-MX63-XTPQE E-G61-XTMQE E-RX63-XTMZF
Curb mass(kg) 1260 1220 1180
Dimensions Length(mm) 4640 4640 4640
Width(mm) 1690 1690 1690
Height(mm) 1395 1395 1395
Wheelbase(mm) 2645 2645 2645
Engine Engine code 5M-EU 1G-EU 18R-GEU
Engine type In-line 6-cylinder, OHC In-line 6-cylinder, OHC In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC
Displacement(cm3) 2759 1988 1968
Max. output kW(PS)/r.p.m. -/145/5000 -/125/5400 -/135/5800
* The specifications are those of representative model grades.
* Max. output represents a net rating. In the above table, digits separated by slashes ( / / ) stand for kW, PS, and r.p.m., respectively.
* The model numbers of these vehicles are MX63(2800), GX61(2000), GX60(2000), RX63(2000), RX60(2000), TX60(1800).
The fourth-generation Mark II went on sale in October 1980, with a lineup consisting of the 4-door hardtop, 4-door sedan, and wagon models, discontinuing the 2-door hardtop.

The 4-door sedan offered elegant linear styling featuring a 6-light cabin and SAE-compliant four square headlamps. The 4-door hardtop came with a slant-nose style and non-standard-shaped 2-headlamps, with concealed center pillars that gave it the appearance of a pillarless hardtop.

The 5-engine lineup was headed by a newly developed 2-liter inline 6-cylinder SOHC unit (1G-EU), along with a 4-cylinder DOHC unit (18R-GEU) for the GT grade, 1.8- and 2-liter 4-cylinder carburetor units, and a 2.2-liter diesel unit. This was soon joined by a 6-cylinder SOHC turbocharged unit (M-TEU) and a 2.8-liter unit (5M-EU). In a minor model change in August 1982, a 6-cylinder DOHC 24-valve engine (1G-GEU) producing 160 PS/18.5 kgm was added. The new "super white" body color, made available at this time for the Mark II and its sister cars Chaser and Cresta, proved extremely popular and caused a sensation.

During this model generation, the Mark II 4-door hardtop outsold the sedan, becoming the leading model of the Mark II line.
Plant Motomachi plant, Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd.
The various meanings of "Mark" are the same as in English (target, grade, fame). "Corona Mark II" can be taken to mean that the car is both "the second-generation model" and "an upgraded version" of the Corona.

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