Released date : 1977/ 8/25

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Grade "Just Low" model_Double tire Long body_Single tire Low-floor_Single tire
Model type
Model type BU20-QRLT BU30-QRD RU20-QR
Curb mass(kg) 1890 2145 1635
Dimensions Length(mm) 4690 5780 4690
Width(mm) 1690 1980 1690
Height(mm) 1990 2040 1990
Wheelbase(mm) 2490 3165 2490
Engine Engine code B B 5R
Engine type In-line 4-cylinder In-line 4-cylinder In-line 4-cylinder
Displacement(cm3) 2977 2977 1994
Max. output kW/(PS)/r.pm -/85/3600 -/85/3600 -/95/5000
* The specifications are those of representative model grades.
* Max. output represents a net rating.
* The model numbers of these vehicles are BU20, BU30, BU20D, BU20V, BU20HV, RU20, RU30, RU20D, RU20V.
The fourth-generation Dyna went on sale in August 1977. While the previous Dyna and the Daihatsu Delta shared some of the components, the two became identical at this model change, with Toyota supplying the vehicle under an OEM arrangement. The vehicle was also supplied to Hino Motors as the Hino Ranger 2. Responding to the market's demand for better economy and transport efficiency, the fourth-generation Dyna improved its diesel engine, ease of use, ride comfort, and maneuverability.

The previous semi cab-over-engine styling was replaced with the full cab-over-engine design, resulting in a boxy and more spacious cabin, and shortening the wheelbase by 310 mm to 2,800 mm, although the vehicle length remained unchanged. Consequently, the minimum turning radius was reduced from 5.7 m to 5.2 m.

To enhance safety, an exhaust brake was employed on 2.5- and 3-ton models, and the brake performance was enhanced for all models. A tilt-cab mechanism was also introduced to improve serviceability. In September 1980, a wide-cab, long-body model was added to the lineup, featuring a 300 mm wider cabin and a 4,310 mm cargo bed that was the longest in class. The fourth-generation Dyna continued to add various improvements and remained in production until August 1984.
Plant Honsha plant, Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd.
"Dyna" is short for "dynamic."

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