Massy Dyna

Released date : 1969/ 9/ 1

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Grade QC10_4t QC10-H_3.5t
Model type
Model type QC10 QC10-H
Curb mass(kg) 3080 3070
Dimensions Length(mm) 6350 6350
Width(mm) 2140 2140
Height(mm) 2295 2295
Wheelbase(mm) 3445 3445
Engine Engine code DQ100 DQ100
Engine type Water-cooled, 6-cylinder, OHV Water-cooled, 6-cylinder, OHV
Displacement(cm3) 4507 4507
Max. output kW/(PS)/r.pm -/105/3200 -/105/3200
* The specifications are those of representative model grades.
* Max. output represents a net rating.
* The model numbers of these vehicles are QC10.
The Massy Dyna was a line of cab-over-engine trucks introduced in September 1969 including models with payload capacities of four tons and 3.5 tons. Positioned in between the Dyna and large trucks, the Massy Dyna employed a 4.5-liter 105 PS diesel engine made by Hino as the main power unit, and a Toyota-made 3.9-liter 130 PS gasoline engine (Type F) was also available. The debut of the Massy Dyna reflected Japan's economic growth and the rise in demand for 4-ton trucks, the market for which was thriving with such models as the Ranger by Hino Motors, Ltd. (a Toyota group company) and others by Isuzu Motors Limited, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD., and Mazda Motor Corporation.
Plant Honsha plant, Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd., Hino Motors, Ltd.
"Dyna" is short for "dynamic."

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