History of Technological Development from 1990

Toyota is striving to develop automobiles that meet the needs of our customers while at the same time achieving an optimal balance between consideration for the environment, safety, drivability, comfort and reliability.

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Year Engine Driving/Braking Suspension Body Electoronics Materials
Aluminium crankshaft damper pulley Active Four-Wheel Steering System      
Cylinder head with laser cladding Super-Strut Suspension
Rotary Tri-blade Coupling
5-speed automatic transimission
5 Valve Engine      
    Bumper made with Toyota Super Olefin Polymer (TSOP)   Magnesium cylinder head cover
Air conditioner with new refrigerant
Fabric with deodorizing function
    Front-passenger seat airbag    
  Comprehensive vehicle control system(i-Four)      
Next-generation lean-burn engine     GPS car navigation
Head Up Display
Back guide monitor with CCD camera
Smokeless diesel engine        
Elecrtonically controlled throttle        
  6-speed manual transmission      
        Three-way catalyst for a lean-burn engine
      GPS voice navigation  
      Combustion pressure sensor  
        Diesel oxidation catalyst
        Plastic fuel tank
        Three-way palladium catalyst
Diesel Smoke Control System (DSCS)        
  Vehicle Stability Control system(VSC)      
Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-i)        
4-valve direct-injection diesel engine        
  Flex Lock-up System      
        TSOP-5 for interior parts
      Multi-zone automatic air conditioning  
    UV-reducing door glass    
    Water-repellent door glass    
Titanium nitride coating Brake Assist GOA Collision-safety body    
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)   SRS side airbag
Seatbelts with force-limiter
Direct-injection engine(D-4)        
      Tire pressure warning system  
Toyota Hybrid System (THS)        
    SRS curtain shield airbag    
      Blind corner monitor  
      Radar cruise control system  
  Navigation shift control Bumper recycling technology    
Variable Valve Timing Lift-intelligent (VVTL-i) ARS      
        Diesel oxidation catalyst
Common-rail direct-injection diesel turbo engine(D-4D)        
  ABS for EBD   Electric power steering system  
  Super CVT      
    Dual-stage SRS airbags for the front-passenger seat Smart Key System Diesel Particulate NOx Reduction System (DPNR)
        Package tray and door trim made out of the kenaf plant
      Negative ion generator  
      AC100V power outlet  
  Run flat-tires   Back guide monitor with voice recognition  
  Electronically Controlled Brake system(ECB)      
  Electric 4-wheel drive system (E-Four)      
    Dual-stage SRS airbags for the driver's seat
Retractable Metal Top System
Pedestrian-injury-lessening body
Air conditioner with electric heat pump system using CO2 refrigerant
  New Tire-production method   G-BOOK  
    Power back door system    
    SRS knee airbags for driver    
Toyota Stop & Go System        
Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV-4, FCHV-5)        
Toyota Hybrid System
  Pre-crash Safety System      
Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (Toyota FCHV)   Pre-crash seatbelt    
Toyota Intelligent Idling Stop System        
Dual VVT-i        
Stoichiometric D-4        
Piezoelectric Common-rail Type Direct-injection Diesel Turbo Engine (D-4D Clean Power)        
Diesel Hybrid System        
      Intelligent AFS  
      Front and side monitoring  
      Lane-monitoring system  
      Pollen-removal filter  
      Night View system Toyota Eco-plastic
      Steering-guided clearance sonar  
      Smart Entry and Start System  
      Plasmacluster Ions  
      Intelligent Parking Assist system  
  6 Super ECT (6-speed automatic transmission)      
  VDIM with active steering control      
    SRS twin-chamber airbag Lane-keeping assist system  
      Radar cruise contral with low-speed tracking mode  
  S-VSC + Active Control 4WD Integrated Control      
  Active stabilizer suspension system      
  Pre-crash Safety System with millimeter-wave radar and stereo camera fusion system
(Pedestrian detection, steering and obstacle-avoidance assist system)
      G-BOOK ALPHA  
THS II with monitor speed reduction device        
THS II with two-stage motor speed reduction device     Wide-view front monitor  
Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Electric (VVT-iE)        
    SRS seat cushion airbag    
  8 Super ECT(8-speed automatic transimission)      
  Pre-crash Safety System with driver-monitoring system (Millimeter-wave radar type)   "Map on Demand" technology to automatically deliver differential map data to car navigation systems  
  Rear-end Pre-crash Safety System (Warning of approaching rear vehicle, Pre-crash Intelligent Headrests)   Radar cruise contral with tracking function  
      Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) system with ultrasonic sensors  
      Oxygen-level conditioner  
      Eco Drive Indicator  
THSII with two-stage motor speed reduction device + full-time all-wheel-drive system        
      G-BOOK mX  
      LED headlight  
Valvematic, a next-generation variable valve lift mechanism        
    Active Headrest    
      Heated seat  
  "Crawl control" system      
  Kinetic dynamic suspension system (KDSS)      
  8-Speed Sport Direct Shift transmission      
  Improved Pre-crash Safery System with eye-monitoring system     Anti-mite allergen seat fabric
  Emergency brake signal      
  Navigation-linked Brake Assist      
      Night View system with pedestrian detection function  
  6-speed manual transmission for front-wheel drive      
Toyota Stop & Start System        
Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (TOYOTA FCHV-adv)        
    SRS rear window curtain shield airbag    
        Interior vehicle parts using Ecological Plastic
  Front-side Pre-crash Safety System      
  Pre-crash Seatback      
    SRS rear-seat center airbag Eco-Drive monitor  
      Touch Tracer Display  
      Solar-ventilation system  
      Remote Air Conditioning system  
      Harmonious Driving Navigator  
  Multi-terrain Select switch      
      DSRC Unit  
      Multi-terrain Monitor  
        Self-restoring coat
      ESPO system  
THSII Plug-in (with motor speed reduction device)        
      Vehicle Proximity Notification System  
        Bio-PET-Based New Ecological Plastic
      "Smart G-BOOK" for smartphone  
    New UV-blocking glass    
Horizontally Opposed
(Lexus Dynamic Handling system)
  Wrong-way Driving Alert System High-power Lithium-ion Battery
(Driving Safety Support System)
2.5 liter 4 cylinder inline Atkinson cycle engine Front wheel drive eight-speed automatic transmission      
  Pre-collision System effective at high speeds Laser screw welding Adaptive High-beam System (AHS)  
  Intelligent Clearance Sonar      
  Drive-start Control