Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall

Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall was built in September 1974 in commemoration of the manufacturing of Toyota's 10 millionth vehicle. In 1999, the Exhibit Room was transformed into the "Toyota's Establishment Exhibit Room." Additionally, the residence of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) founder Kiichiro Toyoda has been rebuilt at a corner of this site as a reminder of those early days. By exploring the numerous challenges and difficulties of Kiichiro and his colleagues in establishing a full-scale automobile industry, the Commemorative Hall allows visitors to experience the challenging spirit of Toyota and the heart of the Toyota Group.

  • Toyota's Establishment Exhibit Room
    Toyota's Establishment Exhibit Room

    Toyota's history from spinning and weaving machinery to automobiles can be seen in the Exhibit Room.

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  • Kuragaike Art Salon
    Kuragaike Art Salon

    Exhibitions of artworks owned by Toyota are held here.

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  • Kiichiro Toyoda's Former Residence
    Kiichiro Toyoda's Former Residence

    Toyota's founder Kiichiro Toyoda's former residence is introduced here.

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