Biotechnology and Afforestation

Greenification Business

The loss of vegetation in urban areas has created serious problems, such as the heat-island effect, air pollution, drought and flooding. Because greenification of urban areas at ground level is difficult, much attention has been focused on the building and interior greening. By adding greenery to city building rooftops, walls and parkings, it is possible to greatly improve the urban environment.

In the following, we will introduce Toyota's efforts for building and interior greening.

1. Green technology for Bulding

(1) Overview

Toyota established the Toyota Roof Garden Corporation in December 2001 to achieve sustainable urban greenification by making buildings greener and developing trees that improve the environment. This goal is accomplished by utilizing both engineering technologies (e.g., simulation technology) and natural science technologies, which improve the innate ability of plants to purify the air and enhance positive climatic effects through transpiration and providing shade.Toyota Roof Garden Co., Ltd., in 2007, undertook the greening of the walls of Tressa Yokohama, a commercial establishment in Yokohama. This method was well received, and it was the recipient of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award at the 8th rooftop, wall and special area greenery technology contest held by Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Technology Development.

(2) Creative methods of greening a building

We have developed Specialized green technologies (e.g. green roof, facade greening, greening parking) aimed for shortening construction period and reducing manpower. In addtion, adopting the plants which are strengthened in an ability of environmental impact mitigation and recycled materials for the Specialized greening , we have aimed to contribute to realization of a soceity based on resources circulation.

1. The greening rooftop "Smart Green Roof"

Methods of construction Features of the methods

"Turf-mat" greening roof technology

Integral structure between planting base and drainage sheet

  • Shortening construction -> simple construction techniques by bonding for inhibiting root shed
  • Non curing period ->immediate usage after the construction
  • Low miss-construction serious season
    (e.g. midsummer and midwinter)

Adoptation of low maintenance turf "TM9"

  • Reduction of lawn trimming times
    (Usual lawn: 3-5 times/year, TM9: 1-2 times/year)
  • Reduction of amount of applied fertilizer
  • Growing for high dense turf with pure green leaves

Applicating for irrigation by drip tube

  • Attainment of stable irrigation by adoptation on small drain of headrace which were not influenced wind effect and water pressure in the tube
  • Feasibility of buried the tube under the turf
    (between the turf and the planting base)

Lightweight as 35 kg/square meter

  • Applicability for unconstructive roof by laden weight limitation
  • Feasibility of the setting on one's lone based on right weight

"Unit" roof greening techniques

Simple construction techniques by setting out the container

  • Feasibility of short construction schedule
  • High patterning feasibility by adoptation on not only lawn but ground cover plants
  • Adoptation of reprocessed plastic which were car-bumper recycle materials

2. Faced greening "Smart Green Wall"

Methods of construction Features of the methods

"Cassette" faced greening techniques

Techniques by planting ground-cover plants for planting cassettes

  • High ratio of green coverage basically
  • Containg irrigatinal drip tube to inner the planting base, water were supplyed to the plants directly
  • Easy construction due to simple cassette shape
  • Adoptation of reprocessed plastic which were car-bumper recycle materials

"Panel" wall greening techniques

Wall greening techniques by attracting creeper plants using the panels

  • Low initial and running cost
  • Attainment of certain and quick covering by adopting the mat for plants climbing based on natural resources
  • Low imposition for the wall due to super light weight (c.a. 5 kg/unit)

"Wire" wall greening techniques

Wall greening techniques by attracting creeper plants using the wire

  • Permanent installation
    (Non temporal clearance at typhoon periods)
  • Low imposition for the wall due to super lingh-tweight
  • Low fluctuation by the adjusting tensility function
  • The creeper tangled easily by ladder shape
  • Feasibility of adjusting transmitted light for room inside

3. Greening parking "Smart Green Parking"

Methods of construction Features of the methods

Formation of evenly bearing car weight

Greening parking system balanced perenniality of plants and safety for walking

  • Keeping more than 50 % ratio of green coverage
  • Unique formation with no tire's tread pressure for the plants
  • Feasibility of different grand-cover plants selection based on the greening purpose
    (e.g. Mondo grass, Lawns, Rogicaulis thyme)
  • Stable growth for the plants by formation of keeping plant base area
  • Adoptation of reprocessed plastic which were car-bumper recycle materials

(3) Effect

Greening buildings contribute to control heat-island phenomenon and the control policy of energy saving, which grow into a serious problem. An environment impact mitigation effect by greening is mainly shown by water's evaporation from the leaf of the plant.

1. About the reduction effect with temperature by greening

2. The comparative test with or without greening building

(4) Affiliated company:An Overview of Toyota Roof Garden Corporation

Toyota Roof Garden Corporation was established in December 2001.

Location Headquarters in Miyoshi-City, Aichi Prefecture
A branch office in Chuo Ward, Tokyo
Business 1. Planning, designing, and implementation of greenification for rooftops, walls and exteriors
2. Production and sale of new types of products developed by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), such as the Cherry Sage shrub (for improving the environment) and easy-care slow-growth Zoysia Grass (TM9)
3. Manufacture and sale of materials used in the composting process (resQ45) for the livestock industry
Capital 55 million yen (70% by TMC, 30% by Ohshima Landscape Construction Co., Ltd.)
President Yoshiyuki Saito

(5) Affiliated company:An Overview of TOYOTA SUNTORY MIDORIE(SHANGHAI)CO.,Ltd.

TOYOTA SUNTORY MIDORIE(SHANGHAI)CO.,Ltd. was established in February 2012.

Location Room6031-6033,BuildingA,No.801
Yanchang MiddleRoad,Shanghai CHINA
Business 1. Sale of the Greening parking/Faced greening/The greening rooftop
(developed by Toyota)
2. Sale of the Green interior(developed by Suntory midorie)
3. Sale of the Eco-friendly plant and Low maintainance lowngrass(developed by Toyota)
Capital 196 thousand US$(49.98% by TMC 51.02% by Suntory midorie limited)
President Chairman:Ryosuke Shiomi
Vice Chairman: Naomichi Hata
President: Ryosuke Shiomi


(1) Overview

Toyota Motor Corporation and Suntory Midorie have jointly developed a new product for green interior, “TOYOTA / MIDORIE HYBRID GREEN”, and have started sales to Toyota dealers and Toyota-affiliated companies in April 2011.

(2) Characteristics of the Product

1. Plants arrangement can flexibly be changed according to place atmosphere and space concept, since plants can easily be moved by only interchanging units with each other.

  • Lexus gallery,
    Nagoya Midland Square
  • Information area on the 24th floor, Nagoya Midland Square
  • 2. ”Pafcal” units are used instead of natural soil

    • It is sanitary because bugs can rarely survive in it.
    • It does not crumble or get dirt unlike soil
    • It is very light and weighs half of the soil
      (with water contained)
    • It has an excellent water preservation ability and keeps water evenly.

    3. No need to water it because of the automatic water supply system

    • Built-in water tank is installed in the bottom of the main unit and water is supplied daily and regularly by the work of timer (Water supply to the tank is necessary.)

    (3) Effect

    • Live green color gives people a sense of easiness and healing
    • Gives humidity and purifies air by vaporing
    • Enhances a place atmosphere by sophisticated use of space
    • Contributes to enhancement of uniqueness, added value and company image