Biotechnology and Afforestation

Livestock Biomass Business

The total amount of livestock discharge (manure) in Japan is approximately 90 million metric tons (MT). This huge amount of waste can negatively impact the environment, including offensive odors and groundwater pollution. Livestock farmers are prohibited from open-air piling and burying of the discharges. Rather, they must properly dispose of it in accordance with the "Act on the Appropriate Treatment and Promotion of Utilization of Livestock Manure," which took effect in November 2004.

To cope with livestock discharge problems, Toyota developed an environmentally-friendly, quick-composting system "resQ45" in partnership with Menicon Corporation. Toyota Roof Garden, a Toyota subsidiary, is in charge of the production and sales of "resQ45." Sales activity began in July 2006 through Toyota Tsusho Corporation's sales channel.

Livestock manure will spontaneously ferment when introduced to an environment using sawdust as the moisture conditioner. It takes 90-180 days to properly compost manure, especially for the decomposition of cellulose. Toyota developed "resQ45" by applying Menicon's use of enzymes and thermophile bacteria, as well as knowledge of fermentation obtained through field tests. This system consists of two items: the "Tokubetsu-Kyuko" enzyme for composting and the "Thermo-master" thermophile.

This innovative system, which is highly regarded among livestock farmers, can shorten composting time to 45 days. Also, according to Menicon's research, this method can reduce offensive odors and greenhouse gases, such as nitrous oxide (N2O), methane gas (CH4) and nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) .This system also can be effective for the disposal of poultry and swine.

“resQ45”Series  “Tokubetsu-Kyuko” “Thermo-master”

Description for chicken, for cow

Composting livestock discharge quickly with a combination of the "Tokubetsu-Kyuko" enzyme for decomposition of cellulose and the "Thermo-master" bacteria

1. Usage

Add 1kg of the "Tokubetsu-Kyuko"
and 5L of the "Thermo-master" per 1m³
of livestock discharge

Add 1.5kg of the "Tokubetsu-Kyuko"
and 5L of the "Thermo-master" per 1m³
of livestock discharge

  • ◆”Tokubetsu-Kyuko”
    Powder in bag of 10kg
  • ◆”Thermo-master”
    Powder in bag of 50L

Effects of the system

  • The system can shorten the composting term greatly.
    (chicken droppings 4weeks -> 2weeks / cow dung 90-180days -> 45days)
  • The system can reduce the offensive odors greatly.
  • The system can reduce the greenhouse gas greatly.
  • The system can make the properly-composted manure which hardly pollutes groundwater.

A deodorizer specifically developed for composting swine discharge.
"resQ45" series of discharge composting deodorizer. Released June 2011

Features for Swine

A deodorizer with microbes that effectively decomposes malodorous materials such as short-chain fatty acids-the sources of the offensive odor unique to swine discharge

Powder in bag of 9.5kg

1. Composition

1 Microbes
 (Bacillus TAB7) patent pending

2 Secondary materials
 (microbial filler,anti-odor material)

2. Usage

Apply one bag to roughly 10 m3 of swine manure

Effects of the system

  • Odor reduction for composting especially short-chain fatty acids
    (valeric acid, isovaleric acid, propionic acid, butyric acid)
  • Accelerated ripening of compost