Biotechnology and Afforestation


1. The Significance of Biotechnology and Afforestation Business

These days, we are facing global problems such as “Global warming”, “Energy issues” and “Food shortage”.

Toyota has been trying various activities such as developments of next-generation environment-friendly vehicles and environmental activities in order to contribute to solution for these problems.
Furthermore, we realized it is necessary to establish new business having a positive effect on the environment. Therefore, we established the Biotechnology and Afforestation Business Department and began research and development in January 1998. In May 1999, Toyota Biotechnology and Afforestation Laboratory was established to layout the framework for research and development in the agricultural biotechnology field and to expedite Toyota's biotechnology business.

2. The Direction and Vision

In 2011, we compiled the leaflet “TOYOTA GREEN WAY” based on the principles of Biotechnology and Afforestation Business, and we are trying activities in various areas in line with the following three core visions.

  1. Contribute to the global natural environment through new business by developing excellent biotechnologies and afforestation-related technologies.
  2. Develop afforestation businesses that contribute to the environment in response to problems such as global warming and the destruction of forests.
  3. Develop resource recycling-based businesses in response to problems such as food shortages and air and water pollution.

Areas of Toyota Activity in Biotechnology