Toyota promotes its brand and high quality image through exposure and coverage of its activities in motor shows, sports sponsorship, motorsport and cultural endeavors. It races cars on 3 continents and sponsors soccer, baseball and football teams.

  • Motor Show
    Motor Show

    Detailed international coverage from Toyota's Motor Shows in 2013 and onwards, including photos and videos from each event

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  • Motorsport
    Motor Sports

    Through competitive racing events, Toyota demonstrates its dreams and inspiration for everyone's enjoyment of driving

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  • Sports Sponsorship
    Sports Sponsorship

    Toyota regularly contributes to social progress via sport such that people can come together for the future of humankind

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  • Toyota Dream Car Art Contest
    Cultural Events

    Sponsoring numerous international literacy & teaching programs, museums of art and more, Toyota strives to respect culture and inspire creativity

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  • Feeling the Street

    Realizing that TOYOTA shares the streets with talented musicians on every continent a platform was created to celebrate these amazing performers and give them an opportunity for global exposure.

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  • Fritz Kreisler International Competition
    TES Festival

    Toyota is proud of supporting the 2014 Fritz Kreisler Competition , which is a source of attraction for young violinists from all over the world.

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