• Jim Lentz, Toyota Motor Sales President and Chief Operating Officer, U.S.A., Inc

  • Prius c

    The letter “c” represents “city” in the Prius c name.

  • TOYOTA Fun-Vii

    A concept vehicle that heralds a future where people, cars and society are linked.

  • FCV-R

    A practical sedan-type next-generation fuel-cell concept vehicle fueled by hydrogen, a promising source of CO2 emission-free energy that can be produced from a variety of sources and can be easily stored and transported.

  • Future Safety Technology

    In every scenario, the vehicles involved offer safety technology.The ultimate goal for the pursuit of zero casualties in traffic accidents.

  • Prius Design Elements
    PRIUS Design Elements

    There's a reason behind the Prius design — it's kinder to both the environment as well as people.

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  • Environmental Technology
    Environmental Technology

    From hybrids and electric vehicles to fuel cell technology, learn how Toyota automobiles are the key for tomorrow's eco-driving

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