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TOYOTA HYBRID System Find out more

TOYOTA HYBRID System - Racing

TOYOTA HYBRID System - Racing

Welcome to the HYBRID Revolution
We prove our hybrid technology on the racetrack,
to develop ever-better road cars.



Yaris Hybrid-R

Eco-Mobility with real solution

Positioning response to environmental issues as a management priority and based on its belief that environment-friendly vehicles can only truly have a positive impact if they are used widely, TMC has endeavored to promote the mass-market adoption of hybrid vehicles. Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces that cumulative global sales of its hybrid vehicles topped the 5 million unit mark as of March 31, 2013, reaching 5.125 million units in 80 countries.
Further details

At the Frankfurt Motor Show the 5 hybrid passenger car models and one plug-in hybrid model depicted below will be introduced.

TOYOTA 5 million hybrids

  • Yaris HybridDetailThe Yaris offers plenty of space, comfort and versatility, thanks to the downsized version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain. Expect fuel economy, low emissions and reduced running costs.
  • Auris HybridDetailThe Auris benefits from enhancements to its bodyshell rigidity, suspension, steering, and weight management to provide an all-together more comfortable, engaging and unique full hybrid driving experience.
  • Auris Hybrid Touring SportsDetailThe Auris Touring Sports, the first hybrid of its kind in this segment is hard to match by a conventional combustion engine.
  • PriusDetailLaunched in 1997, Prius was the worlds first mass- produced hybrid car and became a genuine alternative to petrol and diesel engines.
  • Prius+DetailStylish 7- seater family car, Toyota Prius + is a beautiful balance of space, aerodynamics and design.
  • Prius Plug-in HybridDetailThe Prius Plug-in Hybrid produces zero emissions in electric driving mode (EV) and ultra- low emissions in hybrid driving mode (HV).


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