Sponsorship Activities

The teamwork and courage displayed by the players inspire many people to take on and challenge their own dreams.
By supporting the teams and its players as the major sponsor for the tournament, Toyota wishes to deliver that same dream and inspiration to everyone.

History of TOYOTA's Involvement

Through transition from its forerunner to the FIFA Club World Cup presented by TOYOTA, Toyota has been a sponsor of the tournament since 1980 - for over 30 years.

1980 Toyota first began sponsoring the competition that determines the winning team from Europe and South America when it was decided that the match would be held in the third country like Japan. This international match became known as the Toyota Cup.
2005 With the increasingly balanced strengths of each region as a result of the internationalization of players, the tournament grew from one in which the winning team is determined from amongst the European and South American teams, to the "FIFA Club World Championship TOYOTA Cup Japan 2005", in which the leading teams from six continents compete for the world’s number one position.
2006 The tournament name was changed to the "FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2006 presented by TOYOTA".
2009 With the aim of realizing an even more international and major tournament, the venue moved to the United Arab Emirates under the banner the "FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2009 presented by TOYOTA", making it the first time the tournament is being held outside Japan.
2011 The FIFA Club World Cup presented by TOYOTA was held in Japan for the first time in 3 years.
It was also consecutively held in Japan 2012. in 2013-14, it will be held in Morocco.

Toyota Award

As in the past years, the "FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2013 presented by TOYOTA" has featured a special closing ceremony where the best player was presented with the Toyota Award in recognition of his performance.

Toyota cars

Past Toyota Awards

Year Toyota Award
1980 Victorino
1981 Zico
1982 Jair
1983 Renato
1984 Percudani
1985 Platini
1986 Alzamendi
1987 Madjer
1988 Ostolaza
1989 Evani
1990 Rijkaard
1991 Jugovic
1992 Rai
1993 Cerezo
1994 Asad
1995 Blind
1996 Del Piero
Year Toyota Award
1997 Moller
1998 Raul
1999 Giggs
2000 Palermo
2001 Kuffour
2002 Ronaldo
2003 Donnet
2004 Maniche
2005 Ceni
2006 Deco
2007 Kaka
2008 Rooney
2009 Messi
2010 Eto'o
2011 Messi
2012 Cassio
2013 Ribery

Toyota Fan Zone

Toyota Fan Zone, where participants were able to show their passion by taking part in soccer games at our fan events, while checking out some of the exciting Toyota vehicles on display.

Toyota cars

Toyota cars

Toyota cars

Vehicle Support

Toyota supply Toyota cars to support efficient transportation of the team's officials and tournament staffs.

Toyota cars