Message from the President

I would like to begin by offering thanks for the continued support and understanding of Toyota.

Football has an amazing power that captures the hearts of people around the world.
When you see a high level match, you are swept away by the extraordinary skills of the players. Just like any youngster who idolized a football star and chased the ball, these international players too spent hours and hours of practice every day to be where they are today.
Also fascinating is the brilliant pass work. Only the teamwork earned from the dedication and passion of elite players sharing the desire to "win" can display such precise and unexpected passes that stun the opponents as much as the spectators.

Toyota is also genuinely captivated by the magic of football and we support the sport in many ways. Toyota employees, including myself, often go to the stadium to enjoy football. Whatever the outcome, I always feel invigorated after a match.

The weight of a goal, the team spirit, never giving up hope, the joy of winning ? football teaches us what is important in life, giving us courage and the power to embrace life's challenges.
We hope to make even a small contribution to continue playing a part in providing the world with the wonders of football.

The anticipation of witnessing the superb and dynamic football of the world's most talented players and the artistic skills transformed into a single goal will make any fan experience a "waku-doki" (heart-pumping and adrenaline-racing) feeling.

Let's go out and share this "waku-doki" feeling with us at the field!

December 2012
President, Toyota Motor Corporation

豊田 章男