TES Festival

This is an event, sponsored by the Toyota Engineering Society, where visitors can experience new technologies and the fun of "craftsmanship". Visitors have the opportunity to see and feel the engineers' off-hour endeavors and driving force of "craftsmanship", which is the spirit of playfulness.

Toyota Engineering Society (TES)

The Toyota Engineering Society, founded in 1947, currently home to nearly 30,000 members, has the longest history of any informal Toyota in-house organization. It is comprised of Toyota employees with an interest in the study of technology. The purpose is to increase members' technical knowledge and to promote friendship; to forward the development of various business industry technologies, including automobile manufacture and sales; and in order to make a contribution to local society. Activities are conducted to rediscover and to recognize once more the charm and enjoyment of automobiles by riding in, looking at, and experiencing them.

TES Festival 2013
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TES Festival 2012
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