TES Festival 2012

The "TES Festival 2012" (hereafter 'TES Fest') was held by the Toyota Engineering Society on Sunday, September 23, 2012. TES Fest is an event for participants to enjoy automobiles by making, riding and experiencing them. In 2012, with the theme: "Gather 30,000 People! A Car-Fan Makeover", a wide range of events such as: display of the world's smallest 3 wheeled hybrid vehicle – "MINUTE-S"; a "Dance Contest" expressing automobiles; "Carmeleon", car makeover trial by engineers; and an "Idea Contest" brimming with playfulness of the engineers, created great excitement among the visitors.

Exhibition Overview


The world's only one-rider, three-wheeled hybrid vehicle. It is the concentration of the power of the Toyota Engineering Society.
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*Japanese only

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(2min 07sec)

Idea Contest

"What if Toyota seriously build a kids car?" The terms are that there is one thing absolutely necessary for a vehicle lacking. Armed with their playfulness, Toyota engineers boldly challenge this theme. Unfettered by preconceived notions about the riding form, various kids' cars were developed. Which one do you like?

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Dance Contest

A dance contest expressing the fun and character of the automobile… Coolly for the good-looking car… Cutely for the adorable car… Just as there are various types of people, there are various characters in automobiles, and expressions. Which dance do you think is the best match?

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This is a challenge for the Toyota engineers to dismantle and do a complete makeover of a car in the shortest possible. "Carmeleon" just may be a proposal for new ways to enjoy automobiles.

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Event Detail

Name TES Festival 2012
Location Toyota Sports Center, Japan
Date September 23, 2012