TES Festival 2013

A celebration of ingenuity, the TES Festival 2013, hosted by the Toyota Engineering Society (TES), took place at the Toyota Sports Center in Toyota City, October 6, attracting more than 23,000 visitors over the course of the day.
Themed “Automotive technology that wows!” the TES Festival provided an opportunity for everyone from children to adults to get involved in engineering through hands-on experiences.
Naturally creative children and Toyota engineers love “!”. Watch the video for a lot of “!”.

Exhibition Overview

Natural Creators

This video captures moments when children find waku-doki through the fun of creation.“!” stimulates children’s curiosity through challenges and experiences, resulting in new discoveries.
While the form may take many different shapes, the joy of creation is the driving force behind our future.

Watch the movie
(2min 38sec)

Idea Contest

Looking ahead to Toyota’s 100th anniversary, the Idea Contest was themed “The car you want to drive in 25 years time.” For the contest, Toyota engineers created and demonstrated technology for future mobility through craftsmanship and innovation.
Excellent ideas were also on display in the Children’s Car Design Exhibition, where children were asked to draw the car of the future. Then, Toyota engineers applied their vehicle development skills to make miniatures of the winning designs.
Throughout the event, there was plenty of “!” and waku-doki to be enjoyed.

Watch the movie
(2min 42sec)

Event Detail

Name TES Festival 2013
Location Toyota Sports Center, Japan
Date October 6, 2013