What is Toyota's standard stance on resource recycling?

Since the 1970s, Toyota has been taking initiatives toward developing methods of effectively recycling the earth’s limited resources embedded in end-of-life vehicles, rather than simply discarding them. These initiatives have now expanded to include not only the disposal stage, but also the vehicle design stage and the entire vehicle lifecycle, and have resulted in the building of a vehicle-to-vehicle recycling value chain, a model recycling-based social system in Japan. Furthermore, in response to the recent expansion in sales of its hybrid vehicles, Toyota has already developed several world-first initiatives, including establishing a battery-to-battery recycling network for end-of-life batteries–which are expected to increase in volume in the future–and a vehicle-to-vehicle recycling system and efficient dismantling technologies for the magnets containing neodymium, dysprosium and other rare-earth metals. In this way, Toyota will continue promoting cutting-edge initiatives in the field of resource recycling as well.

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