What diversity-related initiatives is Toyota undertaking?

Demographic change is one of the more important realities being faced in the 21st century.
Global companies are expected to develop a diverse range of human resources from a global point of view.
Toyota strives to be a company with a working environment that promotes personal development while respecting diversity of values and ideas among its employees.
The focus of respect for diversity varies in different countries and regions, but Toyota believes that accepting and taking advantage of diverse abilities and values will be extremely effective in stimulating innovation.
For example, since the Diversity Project was launched in 2002, Toyota has implemented various initiatives to help women balance work with childcare, support their career development, reform workplace culture and raise awareness of women’s issues.
Other initiatives include the Skilled Partner System, which encourages re-employment of skilled workers who have reached mandatory retirement age, the establishment of a company to expand employment opportunities for the disabled and the TMC Temporary Experience Hiring System for fixed-term contract employees.

Please see Sustainability Report 2010, p.61-63.

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