• A Hybrid Vehicle Loved Around the World

    A Hybrid Vehicle Loved Around the World

    Technology designed for the 21st century is the choice of many consumers.

  • The Remarkable Fuel Cell Vehicle

    The Spirit behind “Making Ever-better Cars”

    Tradition and Innovation, Hybrid and Beyond.

  • The Tech Behind the Tech

    The Tech behind the Tech

    Get a detailed look at the technology behind our innovative engineering.

  • Next-Generation Secondary Batteries

    Next-Generation Secondary Batteries

    Explore the progress we've made in finding better alternatives to lithium-ion batteries.

Meet the Family

  • Hybrid

    Toyota's full hybrid system is the most popular hybrid system in the world. It enables you to save fuel and lower your emissions without sacrificing power when you need it.

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  • Parking


    This small electric vehicle, perfect for urban life, is powered completely by clean electricity. It can be recharged using a standard household outlet. And the new, compact, high-output lithium-ion battery gives you plenty of interior space.

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  • Plug-In Hybrid

    Introducing the next step for eco-friendly cars. A combination of the proven engineering of current hybrids with home recharging. It has an increased electric range and produces lower emissions.

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  • Parking

    Fuel Cell

    By generating electricity from hydrogen, Toyota's fuel cell vehicles are not only environmentally friendly ― they're also highly energy efficient. With such eco-friendly characteristics, Fuel Cell Vehicles are the next step toward achieving sustainable mobility.

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