Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Demonstration in France, 2nd Anniversary Event

Report from Strasbourg in France.

This time we will be bringing you our report of the presentation held in Strasbourg, France. Large-scale demonstration trials using 70 Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in France began in the spring of 2010. On the occasion of the second anniversary in July 2012, a presentation was given in Strasbourg to the participant users in the Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle demonstration trials.

Approximately 60 Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle demonstration trials participant users gathered at the City Hall to listen intently to a presentation given by the French power company, EDF, that is in charge of the trials, the Strasbourg City government which cooperated, and Toyota Motor Corporation, followed by a lively discussion with the users.

The City Hall that was the venue

The City Council Meeting Hall where the presentation was held(Photos: Jérôme Dorkel / Urban Community of Strasbourg)

The central square called, Place Kléber, in Strasbourg(The name of these trials used in France, Le Projet Kléber, comes from this square.)

With frequent charges, the EV distance traveled increased, thereby reducing fuel consumption. (see diagram below) Users who charged their vehicles twice a day saved 64% in fuel over gasoline powered vehicles of the same class. Excellent results, similar to those last year, were achieved.

Average Charging Frequencies: A: approx. Twice per day, B: approx. Once per day, C: twice in 5 days

The greater the ratio of EV distance traveled, fuel efficiency improves for great returns in lowered running costs. In the case of the most fuel efficient user, A was able to save 7 euros (approx. 700 yen) per 100km travel distance which is the sum of gasoline cost and the electricity cost.

We can see that, not only does frequent charging reduce gasoline consumption for environment-friendly driving, but it also makes the vehicle easy on the wallet too. At this presentation the participant users had these positive comments to make: "We have made charging the vehicle a new part of our daily lives", "We are quite satisfied with the smoothness of EV driving" and "We are considering a purchase".

In the square in front of the City Hall that was the venue for the presentation, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle that was on display caught the attention of the presentation guests and visitors to the City Hall.