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The Future of Mobility

In March 2011, Toyota unveiled the “Toyota Global Vision.”
In the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), we set our goals high, endeavouring to meet them through talent and passion because we believe there is always a better way.
Toyota aims to reach the ultimate goal of sustainable mobility, creating a mobile future society full of smiles.

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  • Connected. Entrushed.
    Realizing a Smart Mobility Society

    "Rewarded with a smile by exceeding your expectations." This is the Toyota Global Vision's ...

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  • Safety Efforts
    Our Ultimate Goal: Zero  Casualties from Traffic  Accident

    Our approach is to promote a three-part initiative consisting of people, vehicles and traffic environments, as well as continuing our pursuit...

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  • Fuel efficient driving and smoothening traffic flow
    “Fuel efficient driving” “Smoothening traffic flow”

    Toyota believes that it is essential to respond to and have a comprehensive approach for "people," "vehicles," and "the community" in...

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  • Cooperative ITS
    Being safe, aiming toward comfortable traffic society

    Cooperative ITS support driving and aim to prevent traffic accidents by notifying drivers of information...

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  • Toyota City
    Demonstration Tests
    Toyota City Demonstration Tests

    To realize both a low-carbon society and a smooth transportation system while urbanization progresses in every part of the world, there...

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  • Society in a new future
    Society in a new future

    Next-generation, environmentally friendly vehicles such as PHV or EV will play an important role in realizing a low-carbon society....

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  • Harmonious Mobility Network
    Toyota City Demonstration Tests

    An urban transport system friendly both to the people and environment.
    We started demonstration tests in Toyota City in October 2012

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  • ITS World Congress
    ITS World Congress

    Introducing Toyota's activities at the ITS World Congress

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Ubiquitous Mobility Society

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