Harmonious Mobility Network

It is a network system combining private car and public transportation efficiently, and it will make transportation more people- and community friendly.
The more people join Ha:mo, the more positive effects will be made on the community.
It will bring people many new encounters, reduce the stress caused by traffic jams and rush hour, lower CO2 emissions, and lessen energy consumption waste. Furthermore, it will bring emotion like 'I want to go somewhere more.'
Not in a hurry, nor to go cheaply, for a new possibility of mobility.
Ha:mo, it will become a point of pride for communities.

Overview of Ha:mo

There are two services in Ha:mo; Ha:mo NAVI – provides you of route guidance combining automobiles and public transportation:, and Ha:mo RIDE – a car sharing system using ultra compact electric vehicles.

Ha:mo NAVIHa:mo NAVI

People in better ways

Guiding you to the optimum route as well as new routes discovery and encounter, Ha:mo NAVI encourages people more to move around the city.

Cities in better shape

Less traffic jams and CO2 emission are anticipated by promoting use of public transportation, ecologically friendly driving, and off-peak automobile use.

Transportation in better manner

Combining various transportation means in accordance with the traffic situations, Ha:mo NAVI suggests a route suitable for each individual. So that each person can travel comfortably, Ha:mo NAVI also informs public transportation and Ha:mo RIDE operators of their demanded rides.


Ha:mo RIDEHa:mo Ride

Mobility for just a short distance, an option that has never been before.

From the train station to a store; from the office to visit a client –
a mobility network for when you need to ride for just a bit –
that is what Ha:mo RIDE is.
You can smoothly transfer from other forms of public transportation, and can drop off at any depot near your destination.
Even if your luggage increases, even when there's no taxi at the station, it's all right.
“Riding for just a bit” will make movement greater fun.