Harmonious Mobility Network

Seeking more enjoyable human and town mobility, Toyota is at work developing a community network called Ha:mo for optimal use of cars and other personal vehicles in combination with public transportation.
The joy that using Ha:mo brings is sure to evoke a positive sensation in everyone’s heart – a desire to set out, headed for somewhere.
As quiet source of pride for those living in the community, Ha:mo brings new possibilities for town mobility.

  • Society with great freedom of movement
    (Improved convenience and accessibility)

  • Green society
    (Reduced CO2 emissions, less energy consumption waste)

  • Revitalizing local communities
    (Improving local excursion ease and effective use of space)

Ha:mo RIDE

From the train station to a store. From the office to visit a client. Mobility sharing for short trips whenever they are needed.
That is what Ha:mo RIDE is all about.
It also means smooth transfers to and from public transportation.
Boarding to ride and returning the vehicle is unrestricted between dedicated stations (reserved parking areas).
There’s never a problem from an increasing load of heavy packages.
Leave from where you are and go wherever you desire.
A short ride is sure to boast the joy of travel.

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