Creating a Low-Carbon Society
in a Future where Cars,
Homes and People are Connected

Next-generation, environmentally friendly vehicles such as PHV or EV will play an important role in realizing a low-carbon society. However, if a large number of car batteries are charging during certain times of the day, the peak power demand of the entire society will be increased. Therefore, the development of an infrastructure capable of efficiently controlling power demand is essential.
With “Toyota Smart Center” forming the core, Toyota has carried out initiatives to perfectly support a comfortable, environmentally friendly lifestyle through the smart use of renewable natural energy by connecting homes, people and cars.

Smart grid that Toyota envisions

Working for Creating a Low-Carbon Society

Working for Creating a Low-Carbon Society

Smart grid demonstration project in Rokkasho Village
(6min 8sec)

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Smart Grid

What is the Smart Grid envisioned by Toyota?

Toyota proposes a comfortable and friendly living environment by making good use of renewable natural energy.

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