World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems

Overview of the ITS World Congress

It is an international conference that provides a forum where people concerned with ITS (in business, government and academia) from the world over can gather to discuss, on an international level, solutions to traffic problems, development and expansion of business opportunities, R&D and practical deployment, and to present the results of their respective activities.
It is comprised of display exhibits, demonstrations, sessions and technical tours. The ITS organization is administered in three areas: Europe (by ERTICO), the Asia/Pacific region (ITS Japan) and North America (ITS America), and each year the Congress is held in one region by turn.

Each of the three areas in turn, holds the Congress to promote the practical application of ITS technologies on an international level.

Host Country

  • 1st    (1994)  Paris
    4th    (1997)  Berlin
    7th    (2000)  Torino
    10th  (2003)  Madrid
    13th  (2006)  London
    16th  (2009)  Stockholm
    19th  (2012)  Vienna

  • 2nd   (1995)  Yokohama
    5th    (1998)  Seoul
    8th    (2001)  Sydney
    11th  (2004)  Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
    14th  (2007)  Beijing
    17th  (2010)  Busan
    20th  (2013)  Tokyo

  • 3rd    (1996)  Orlando
    6th    (1999)  Toronto
    9th    (2002)  Chicago
    12th  (2005)  San Francisco
    15th  (2008)  New York
    18th  (2011)  Orlando
    21th  (2014)  Detroit

Toyota’s Response to the Present

Toyota has participated since the first Congress (held in 1994 in Paris). Toward realization of a sustainable mobility society, TMC has made effective use of the Congress, through participation in exhibits, demonstrations and sessions, as a forum to appeal for activities promoting practical deployment contributing to safety, the environment and driving comfort.

  • 2012 Vienna

    Introducing exhibitions of the ITS World Congress Vienna 2012

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  • 2013 Tokyo

    Introducing exhibitions of the ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013

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  • 2014 Detroit
    2014 Detroit

    Introducing exhibitions of the ITS World Congress Detroit 2014

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  • TOYOTA Motor Corporation’s Recent Participation
    TOYOTA Motor Corporation’s Recent Participation

    Introducing Toyota's activities after 2004 of the ITS World Congress

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20th ITS WORLD CONGRESS tokyo 2013