Harmony with people is the main theme behind Partner Robot

Since Toyota's founding, our corporate spirit has been "To enrich society through making things." Based on this spirit, Toyota has been developing human-assisting partner robot.

Our goal is to build robots that embody "kindness" and "intelligence" and that will be able to assist with human activities in applications such as assistance, elderly care, manufacturing, and mobility in the near future.


Toyota is developing inventions which focus on four areas - with an aim to be made practical early in 2010.

  • Medical and Welfare
    Support a group of doctors, nurses, and caregivers. Also assist sick patients, as well as elderly and disabled persons at the home or the location of medical caregivers.
  • mobility support Universal support of people walking or travelling.
  • Life Support
    (Housework Support)
    Giving assistance in the home with housework or watching over someone.
  • Work Support
    (Manufacture Support)
    Assisting work in manufacturing environments, offices and business places.